Cynthia Henscheid   Sr. Escrow Officer   (208) 947-2747   [email protected]

Fidelity National Title is urging our clients to CALL BEFORE YOU WIRE and never rely upon email communication. Always follow these two simple steps:


STEP 1:  Obtain the phone number of your real estate broker, REALTOR® and your Fidelity National Title escrow officer as soon as an escrow is opened. (Ask your escrow officer for an INFORMATION CARD.)


STEP 2:  Call the phone number you wrote down from step#1 above to speak directly with your Fidelity National Title escrow officer to confirm wire instructions PRIOR to wiring. If you receive alternative wiring instructions appearing to be from Fidelity National Title, be suspicious as we rarely change our wiring instructions.



Additional information is available for download here:

>> Call Before You Wire: Instruction Sheet

>>Terms to Avoid in Email Subject Lines

>>Instructions for Encrypted Email